June 2021 Leadership Update

Jun 16, 2021 | Updates

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been working hard at building relationships with each other, understanding different perspectives, and reasoning together all while praying and seeking God on the next steps for FOB. Once ordination took place, we came to understand that were a lot of details that we’ve had to walk through that weren’t understood by the group before that time. While some of you may remember that a two month leadership transition was communicated, we have since prayed into that and believe that God has changed the timeline. Our goal is a members meeting where we will share the details of leadership structure along with a financial overview of the church in late August.

We have joined together as pastors and elders, consisting of Nick & Nancy Serino, Dale & Pam Koch, Bruce & Kathy Mast, Matt & Jacque Pattison, Josh & Rachel Beverly, Jarek & Jodi Dehart, Pastor Nathan & Merinda, and Pastor Chris & Alissa. We have one meeting a month with our wives joining us, one meeting a month with our Financial Advisory Committee, and two meetings a month as pastors and elders.

We have come to a place where it is time to lay out a plan, understand each person’s role within that plan, and drive towards the heart of God for FOB. The heart of God has always been the goal for leadership at FOB from the start and we will not move away from that.

We are committed as a group to each other, our hearts are open to each other, valuing each other’s strengths and supporting each other’s weaknesses. While we are not all in full agreement relating to the various ways of moving forward in transition, we pray and reason with each other to let the God perspectives stand above any of our own as the details emerge of existing roles and new roles.

We all fully agree that God has tremendous plans for Fellowship of Believers, for generations and generations of ministry. We feel the weight of that calling, to establish a foundation that will support the future work of the Lord.