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Romania Ministry Update | October 2021

Oct 22, 2021 | Mission Update

In the name of Jesus
Christian Retreat – Romania

Dear Brother Ramon and Sister Debbie,
After receiving your message Ramon and Debbie, and pastor Tom and his wife, and brother Leib and his family, and the people mentioned on your Bible donors lists, and our brothers and sisters in FOB made the subject of my nominal praying request to our churches. At that day of the middle of September we were at the end of our water baptizing outreach mission and the last baptizing days began by common prayers bringing in front of God each one from the people mentioned above.
The new wave was announced in our country and we were afraid of new restrictions. At that day were announced less that 2000 infected persons and some tens of dead people in all the country. Today, were announced for the last 24 hours 7800 infected people (264 children and 1631 adult people into ECMO and Resuscitation Dept), 121 people died.
The restrictions in the country are directly connected to the number of infected persons at 1000 inhabitants of each town or village. According to this number and new system we are free to travel to some places and forbidden to others, but there is a continuous evolution. Last week we were not allowed to travel to three villages, but a day before yesterday the number increased to 21 villages where we could not enter. There are too many people refusing to receive the vaccine.
According to the number of infected persons at 1000 people, in many areas we are not allowed to gather without the green certificate or any gathering is forbidden and these rules looks to be extended. The number of closed churches looks to increase day by day. The number of infected people looks to rise up very fast compared to the last year. We keep praying. Last week we had two funerals and we were allowed to gather maximum 8 persons not unlimited as one month ago. People coming to Romania from other countries should bring green certificate (proof of vaccine or 48 hours old test of virus lack – PCR).
According to doctors estimation during the next 2 months the number of infected people will pass 20000 in 24 hours and the lockdown will be extended.
We pray to keep open our churches and pass this new pandemic wave very soon with less funerals compare to last year. We pray for a good time that you can come to see us in Romania.
I sent you two pictures to tell us if any of them is your new senior pastor, but maybe you did not see it. Sometimes we see FOB on line and we wonder how you are free to gather in the church without mask and without any restriction.

We love you in the name of Jesus.

Yours from Romania and Donna&Cornel