Remember to be praying for our Youth Mission Team to Nicaragua from August 3 through 11. Here is a message from our Youth Directors, Chris and Alissa Welty.







“Here we are, God. Do whatever you’d like with us!” was our pledge when as a couple we began in ministry. This reference to Isaiah 6:8 has become out simple perspective, and the freedom to simply be in God’s hands has been amazing! However, that pales in comparison to seeing 21 like-minded individuals come together in unity, ready to be sent where the Master would send and sacrificing much in order to be about Father’s work!


We’ll be spending two days at each of three existing and growing churches; two of which are freshly planted churches located in remote, rural agricultural communities. Our ministry focus will be three-fold, the first day providing a Sports themed VBS to gather kids from the surrounding community and share the gospel with them. We’ve been told to expect as many as 100 kids at each VBS!

On our second day within each community, we’ll use the relationships formed at VBS to visit the families in their homes. We will have the opportunity to show the Light of Christ through prayer and fellowship with each family, as well as bring a gift of food to meet their physical needs, along with a Spanish Bible for their spiritual growth. We’re prepared to visit as many as 50 homes in tow days! Our final goal will be to connect these families and new believers to their community’s church so they can grow through the discipleship of their local Pastor and new church family.

The support that has come in, both prayerfully and financial, has been greatly appreciated! We’d ask that you be in continual prayer for our traveling safety and protection, fair weather, open hearts and ultimately saved souls! We depart on August 3 and return the 11. After we leave, you can follow our trip as it progresses daily on, along with any up-to-the-minute prayer needs!


Honored to be at His service,

Chris & Alissa Welty